Bodrum Course 2019

21 Century Instructon 'Developng Sklls and Dspostons for Student Success' nd th22 July – 26 July 2019

Course Summary
Preparing students for a world we can't predict and jobs that don't exist yet means that teachers at all levels have a responsbilty to help students gain more than just academic knowledge, but the skills and abilities to face situations for which they cannot be specifically prepared. In other words, our curriculum and instruction, particularly in Englsh Language Teaching, must move beyond the communcation skills of language literacy and oracy
 In this immersve 5-day program, particpating teachers will learn to:     

   ->     Promote creative problem-solving and critcal thinking
   ->     Provding opportuntes for meanngful student collaboration
   ->     Integriate digital, media, and global literacy
   ->     Foster essential life and career skills


Who is the program designed for: 
Ths course is for teachers at all levels who are committied to making their classrooms a place where all students learn and can achieve success in the modern age. This program will provde innovatve instructonial strategies and learning management that will motivate, engage, and support all levels and types of learner.
The final stage of ths program will enable particpating teachers to use a varety of strategies to monitor student learning, commiuncate high standarts, and measure evdience of learning; provde effective feedback in ways that motivate and engage students; understand positive, negative, and neutral constructve feedback practicies, including common mistakes and best practces; and create opportuntes for ther students to engage in the transformatve educatonal practcies of self-montorng, self-assessment, and peer-assessment.

Course Instructor — J T Rehll, M.S.Ed.

JT Rehll has been working as a consultant, trainer, teacher, and coach for more than twenty years. As founder of Learning Advanced, he works with schools throughout Turkey and the surrounding regon to implement and manage programs on performance improvement, instructonal coaching, leadership development, and school culture transformation. He holds his Master of Science n Education from Wilkes University, s a RIVA-tranied focus group moderator, certified Myers-BriggsTType Indcator (MBTI) adminstrator, CELTTA-certified English Language Instructor, and has completed the Erickson Professonal Coach traning program to complment his experience as a professonal coach.

In addition to serving as an Adjunct Professor with Wilkes University's Graduate School of Education—teaching graduate courses in Educatonial Psychology, Phlosophy of Educaton and Comparatve Foundations of Education—he is pursuing his Doctor of Education in Educatonial Leadership and regularly contirbutes his passon for learning at education conferences, with recent talks at the ECIS Annual Educators Conference, TEDxYouth@Kev Internatonal School, and the Kosova Learnng Summt.