Understanding Online Assessment
Uplifting Compentencies 2020
Uplifting Compentencies 2020
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Bodrum Course 2019

Preparing students for a world we can't predict and jobs that don't exist yet means that teachers at all levels have a responsbilty to help students gain more than just academic knowledge,

Bodrum Course 2018

The course is for teachers at all levels who are committed to making their classrooms a place where all students learn and achieve success. No matter your background with differentiation or level of knowledge in the subject, this program will provide practical strategies and approaches to teaching & learning that will motivate, engage, and support all levels and types of learner.

Bodrum Course 2017
24.07-29.07 2017

This course will familiarise you with current approaches and methods and skills needed in teaching Academic skills. The course will also examine cross-cultural and intercultural issues in Academic Skills with regards to teacher development.

Bodrum Course 2016
18.07-30.07 2016

Getting ready for the future! Training Inquirers and life-long learners!

Bodrum Course 2015
27.07-01.08 2015

his practical course is ideal for teachers wishing to design or improve their current speaking and writing tests. You will look into reasons for testing productive skills,

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