The University of  Cambridge's foremost commitment is to excellence in  education. It is part of the university's mission to lead, influence and transform global English language education by providing an integrated and holistic approach to learning and teaching

Backed by a deeper understanding of language learning and teaching with on-going investment in ground-breaking technologies and research Cambridge English combines the specialist international expertise of the sister organisations within the university of Cambridge.

►Cambridge English Language Assessment      ► the global leader in English language assessment 
►Cambridge University Press                             ► the leading publisher in learning materials

The vision is to enable the world to share and access this knowledge through Cambridge English, with the highest level of international excellence.

Cambridge English: better results, quicker
Whether preparing for an exam, an important business meeting or simply learning English for fun, we know you and your students lead busy lives. We use the latest research to understand how English works and how students learn it. So, with Cambridge English, you can focus on the language they need to succeed in English fast.

Learn English as it’s really used
Cambridge English authors have exclusive access to the Cambridge English Corpus – a multi-million word database of written and spoken English from around the world. Our authors use the corpus to understand how English is really used. That means you can be confident the language you’re teaching is natural, up to date and genuinely useful for your students.

Understand where they need most help
Cambridge English materials focus on common problem areas and train students to avoid mistakes. The Cambridge Learner Corpus is a unique bank of exam candidate papers and the world’s largest learner language database. Our authors use this to identify exactly what learners in each country and at each level find most difficult, and to help them get it right.

Focus on the right language for their level
The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) is used the world-over to describe language proficiency. As a leading member of English Profile – a Council of Europe endorsed programme to describe the CEFR for English – Cambridge is the only publisher to truly understand how the CEFR works in English. English Profile helps us know what to teach at each level, meaning that Cambridge English materials are better aligned to the CEFR and students can focus on the language they need to progress.

Prepare for exam success
We are the only publisher of official preparation material for Cambridge English exams. Our extensive selection of courses, practice tests and supplementary materials are developed in close collaboration with Cambridge English Language Assessment, the people who set the exams. So you can prepare your students for exam success with confidence.

Develop as a teacher
Your professional development is important to us too. We provide exceptional teacher support including teacher training seminars and the unique online professional development site, Cambridge English Teacher.