Course and Syllabus Design 2019

Module I, 22 - 23 March, Acıbadem University University

How do participants benefit from the programme?
In this 2-module course we aim to provide participants with a broad overview of the main principles of foreign language course and syllabus design (CSD). The focus will be on both theoretical and practical issues in CSD. The design of a curriculum encompassing different levels (A1, A2, B1, etc) appropriate to different learning contexts will be addressed.
Who is the programme designed for?

This programme has been developed for ELT professionals working for intensive language schools at universities at all levels who are keen to develop their understanding and abilities in the following:
  • key principles underlying good practice in CSD
  • curriculum evaluation and revision in their own institution
  • providing leadership in their institution in CSD
  • managing their own continuing professional development in CSD

Module 1: Core themes include:
  • Curriculum, Syllabus and Course Design: what they all mean
  • Benefits of having a curriculum
  • Discussion: what kind of curriculum does your institution have?
  • Where to start in CSD
  • How to articulate institutional and individual beliefs about curriculum
  • Needs assessment: learner profiles, expected outcomes, exit levels, etc
  • Discussion: how to manage the CSD process, teams and timeframes?
  • Components of a curriculum
  • Discussion: what type of syllabus best suits your learners' EAP needs?
  • Conceptualising course content
  • Defining goals and objectives
  • Discussion: the relationship between syllabus objectives and the coursebook; should the curriculum prescribe a specific methodology?
  • 'Not throwing the baby out with the bath water': how to evaluate/adapt your institution's existing curriculum

Dr. Simon Phipps is Director of ATI (Anatolia Training Institute) in Ankara, which provides teacher training and educational consultancy. He previously worked as Deputy Director of Bilkent University School of English Language for 20 years, where he was responsible for in-service teacher training and development, designed/directed an MA programme 2003-13, and also led a Curriculum Development Project in 2012. He has recently worked on Curriculum projects at Atilim and Ankara Social Sciences Universities. He has worked in ELT since 1985, and has CELTA, DELTA and Adv Dip in ELT Management as well as a PhD in Education from the University of Leeds.