Testing, Evaluation and Assessment 2018

Testing, Evaluation and Assessment - Module I
‘Capacity Building for the Next Generation’
25th – 27th October 2018 Altınbaş University

How do participants gain from the programme?
In this 3-Module Course we aim to  provide the participants with a broad overview of the major principles involved in foreign language testing and assessment. The focus of the course will be on both theoretical and practical issues in testing and assessment. The design of language tests and assessment appropriate to particular learning settings will be addressed.
Who is the programme designed for?
This programme has been developed for ELT professionals working for intensive language schools at universities at all levels, who are keen to develop their understandings and abilities in applying the latest developments in:
  • Understanding the key principles underlying good practice in TEA
  • Developing the ability to write good test items
  • Designing and producing a variety of assessment instruments
  • Providing leadership in their institution in the field of TEA
  • Managing their own continuing professional development in TEA
Module 1 Core themes include:

•        History of Language Testing: Past, Present & Reflection into the Future
•        Test Validity?
•        The Testing Cycle: Process - Progress – Product
•        Validation Theory
•        Sharing Contexts: DISCUSSION
•        Reliability & Practicality
•        Recap: Reflective discussion: How reliable & practical are your tests?
Day 2

•        Test specifications: What & how? Sharing examples
•        Hands on: Complete the handout; start thinking about writing general test specs for your inst.
•        Types of Tests
•        Developing classroom tests: Sampling
•        Hands on: Scenario
Day 3

•        Testing Use of English: Vocabulary & Grammar
•        Sharing Contexts: DISCUSSION
•        Vocabulary Testing: Width vs. Depth & Task Types
•        Test samples; advantages vs  disadvantages of each sample considering given contexts
  • Hands on: start thinking about writing vocabulary test specs for your institution
•        FEEDBACK
Time will be built into the course for reflection and for participants to consider how to adapt ideas from the course to classrooms in their own professional contexts.
All course participants receive a pre-course questionnaire, which should be returned prior to the course. This is to ensure that the areas of most relevance to participants are covered. The main strands of the course will be carefully integrated.
Merve has been deeply involved in Project Based Teaching & Learning , Item Anchoring Training and SL Research  She had  CELTA and DELTA qualifications and attended an M.A. in Management program at  Bilkent University School of English Language. Merve also worked with Sabancı University SL Curriculum and Assessment Team until 2015. She has taken on different responsibilities as an instructors,  curriculum developer, assessment specialist and has presented at many national and International conferences. 
Idil has an ICELT (In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching), DELTA (Diploma in Language Teaching to Adults) and CERTELT graduate and  received her MA TESOL from  Aston University. She has wealth of experience in both English language and academic English teaching, material preparation, testing and institutional research, tasks and projects. She has been  working with Sabanci University SL Curriculum and Assessment team since 2010. She has delivered workshops and conferences at many national and international conferences including IATEFL.   
Zeynep Urkun has been working in the area of assessment and evaluation since 1991. She was a Trustee on the IATEFL Executive Committee for 6 years and the event-coordinator of the IATEFL Testing, Evaluation and Assessment SIG for 10 years. In her capacity as the TEA SIG Coordinator, she organized 11 conferences around the world to help support assessment literacy. Previously, she worked at Bilkent University as a member of the core testing team that developed the COPE Exam, and at Bogazici University as a member of the testing team that revised the BUEPT (Bogazici University English Proficiency Test). She then worked as the Assessment Coordinator at Sabancı University for 11 years where she led the development of the ELAE (English Language Assessment Exam) and coordinated its revision project in collaboration with Prof Cyril Weir. She continues to present at conferences and organizes training sessions nationally and internationally to help increase assessment literacy in ELT. Currently, she is the CEO of Make-A-Wish Turkey, a charity that grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions.