Cambridge English Train the Trainer in Bodrum

Cambridge Assessment English: Train the Trainer course
Introduction and Information for Course Participants
Train the Trainer is a face–to–face course for experienced teachers and is at Proficient to Expert stages on the Cambridge English Teaching Framework. Participants need CEFR Level 2 (Independent English language user) as a minimum entry requirement.
Course participants (CPs) develop the knowledge and skills needed to train English language teachers working in different contexts. More specifically, participants learn how to run training sessions, observe teaching and give feedback. The course is:
  • a way to progress careers
  • a way to extend skills and experience
  • designed and developed by Cambridge Assessment English, part of the University of Cambridge.
Furthermore, the Train the Trainer course helps participants to:
  • design and deliver teacher training sessions and courses
  • observe other teachers and give supportive feedback
  • understand how to develop further as a trainer.
Train the Trainer involves 30 hours of face-to-face training with a qualified and approved Cambridge trainer. Successful participants receive a certificate of completion from Cambridge Assessment English.
The course is assessed using various key elements:
  • course completion;
  • participation and effective delivery of micro-training;
  • observation of CPs by the trainer during the course itself;
  • post-course final assignment.

There are six Train the Trainer modules, all of which have a practical focus:

Module Outcome by the end of the course
1 The training class Participants will understand key issues in trainer development.
2 Analysing and designing training sessions Participants will have developed skills to plan effective teacher training sessions.
3 Delivering training sessions Participants will have developed the skills to deliver effective teacher training sessions.
4 Observing teachers Participants will have developed an understanding of good practice in observing teachers.
5 Managing feedback Participants will be able to give supportive feedback to teachers and prioritise key strengths and areas for development.
6 Course planning and trainer development Participants will be able to design courses and an action plan for their further development as a trainer.

These six Train the Trainer modules are normally offered over five days
The training class
Analysing and designing training sessions
3: Delivering training sessions 4:
Observing teachers
Managing feedback, course planning, and developing as a trainer
Session 1 Getting to know you Evaluating a training plan Task formats Observation and feedback Exploratory language
Session 2 Teaching learners, Teaching teachers  
Key principles of session design
Supportive trainer talk
Pre- and post-lesson discussion Supportive written feedback
Session 3  
Types of input
Planning a training session  
Micro training
Post-lesson feedback Planning courses, Development
Homework YES YES YES YES Final assignment
There is a fairly comprehensive information website