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Learn English in an Online Virtual City

The most effective way to learn English online. Improve your English with qualified teachers from the UK and USA.


Training programmes at are taught on a virtual world learning platform onlne. Learners and instructors from all around the world log into the software to learn together in live classes. All that is needed is a computer, broadband internet connection and a headset.  Learners and instructors use avatars, or virtual representations of themselves, to interact in realistic virtual environments relevant to the their working lives whilst speaking to each other using headsets.


All our teachers are native English-speakers, highly experienced in teaching English. They have excellent qualifications and will help you to become fluent fast! Our teachers can prepare you for the IELTS test, teach Business English skills and improve your general ability in English.




We can create any form of realistic virtual environment in order to help your organisation deliver online training. Existing environments include an art gallery, a business centre, an airport, onshore and offshore oil platforms and many other environments, some multi-purpose and others highly specialised.


Because the training is delivered online, a huge amount of data about employees’ and students’ learning and progress is available to the course organiser within an organisation. This includes data on progress, attendance, course interaction, plus qualitative instructor reports on every learner – after every class.







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