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Aviation English Live

Aviation English Live is for pilots and air traffic controllers who need ICAO Operational Level 4 and above.  We go beyond what e-learning and traditional face-to-face tuition can provide. As with e-learning, Languagelab is available from any location in the world, yet with the same student/teacher interaction as face-to-face classes. All of our teachers are professionals with significant experience working and teaching in the aviation industry.



We offer aviation professionals the opportunity to train in realistic virtual environments directly relevant to their working lives, with live instruction from industry experts.


We offer airlines, air traffic control centres, training centres and flight academies a unique opportunity to train their employees live in authentic virtual environments. Training situations include an airport, control tower and flight decks. Crucially, learners interact in real time with real instructors based in different locations around the world from the safety and convenience of their own computers.


Our focus is on Aviation English programmes for pilots, ATCOs, cabin crew and other professionals who need to communicate in English including flight dispatchers and engineers. We can also offer health and safety training and bespoke technical training programmes.


 Incredible new Aviation English course:


►30 or 60 hour modular course


►Teaching by highly-qualified, native English-speaking teachers


►Learn in an amazing virtual airport where everyone speaks English


►Incident descriptions and reporting


►Listening exercises: radiotelephony and general aviation


►Learnt to communicate confidently in non-routine or emergency situations


►Succeed in an ICAO English level test


Achieve and maintain ICAO Operational Level 4


















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